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December 30, 2014

Junkers Ju 88 Kampfflugzeug

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Junkers Ju88 A-5, flown by an unknown Geschwader, most probably 1941
Junkers Ju88 A-4, L1+FN, flown by 5./LG 1, Catania, April 1942
Junkers Ju88A-4, 5K+IS, flown by III./KG 3, Russia, winter 1942/43

Additional informations:
These three colour profiles were published in the books

Junkers Ju88 Vol. II
The Bomber at War
Day and Night - Operational and Service History
William A. Medcalf
Classic Publication
ISBN 978-1-90653-743-2

Junkers Ju88 Vol. I
From Schnellbomber to Multi-Mission-Warplane
William A. Medcalf
Classic Publication
ISBN 978-1-90653-742-5