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June 1, 2014

Heinkel He 162 Prototypes "UPDATE 2014"

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Heinkel He 162 V1, W.Nr. 200001, VI+IA, first flown by Dipl.-Ing. Gotthold Peter, December 6th 1944
Heinkel He 162 M20, W.Nr. 220003, VI+IM, first flown by Gerhard Gleuwitz, February 10th 1945
Heinkel He 162 M23, W.Nr. 220006, VI+IP, first flown by Gerhard Gleuwitz, March 19th 1945

Additional informations:

Heinkel He 162 V1 W.Nr. 200001 VI+IA built in Werk Languste. The construction of the fuselage was started on November 13th 1944 and on 2 December the aircraft arrived at Schwechat-Heidfeld were it was completed. On 6 December 1944 the aircraft was first flown by Heinkel test pilot Flugkapitän Dipl.-Ing. Gotthold Peter. On its second flight, four days later the aircraft was destroyed due to construction defects, killing Gotthold Peter. Themachine was painted overall in RLM 02 with the only other marking being the Werknummer painted on the power part of the fin, in black. The style of the ‘Balkenkreuze’ is also unusual forthat time.

Heinkel He 162 M20 (A-03) W.Nr. 220003 coded VI+IM was built at Werk Languste. The third pre-production series aircraft, which was first flown by Gerhard Gleuwitz on 10 February 1945. At the end of March 1945 the aircraft was moved from Schwechat to Lechfeld and it was later found damaged at München-Riem. The aircraft was equipped with 2 x MG 151/20 replacing the proposed MK 108s. The fuselage was painted in RLM 76/82 with the rear fuselage cone appearing as though it was left in its natural metal finish with the camouflage just being applied to the upper side. The BMW 003 engine cowling and covering was painted overall in RLM 81 with the wing upper surfaces painted in RLM 81/82.

Heinkel He 162 M23 (A-06) W.Nr. 220006 coded VI+IP was built at Werk Languste. This aircraft was first flown by Gerhard Gleuwitz on 19 March 1945. Like the M20, the M23 was also found at München-Riem in May 1945. The M23 was tested with a revised wing root and fuselage fairing. The aircraft was painted overall in RLM 02 with only the air intake of the jet engine being left in its original colour of RLM 81. The factory call sign VI+IP was painted in black on the fuselage sides and also in large letters on the underside of the wings. The Balkenkreuze and Swastika were painted in black in a very simplified way without any white outline. The Werknummer 2200006 was painted on both the top and bottom of the fin.

Update 2014:

I was asked to to some He162 profiles for an exhibition in the Zeltweg Aviation Museum and so I decided to rework and correct some errors of my old profiles I have finished in 2008.

Older versions of these three colour profiles were published in the book:

Heinkel He 162
From Drawing Board to Destruction
Robert Forsyth / Eddie J. Creek
Classic Publication
ISBN 978-1-90653-700-5

My special thanks go to Miroslav Bily and Michal Bradac for the kind permission to use their drawings as base for my work. They were taken from Miroslav Balous and Miroslav Bily's publication:

Heinkel He 162 Spatz (Volksjäger)
MBI Publications
ISBN 80-86524-06-X